System Update: TSA Football Agents Version
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Here at TSA we do not stop updating and innovating our software to make the daily work of our customers easier every day.

After various tests and fine-tuning, we are happy to announce the release of the new version for players' agents, which aims to facilitate the creation of cards to offer players on the market at maximum efficiency, to increase opportunities. to close a deal in the market place.

But how does this new update work?

The system has been set up so as not to oblige the use of evaluation attributes and having to create technical sheets of the players we observe, facilitating the opportunity to insert any type of source (documents, photos, videos, notes, information collected) to each card , and have a functional dashboard centered on the visualization of the data we need, without having to worry about doing a "scout" job to evaluate our clients and the potential athletes we are interested in representing in our agency.

What does this feature allow us to do?

Maximize the data we need and have them available both compactly in the dashboard of the athlete's profile, and when exporting the cards, focusing exclusively on the information we want to share with our contacts at maximum power.

Take a look at the new dashboard: click here

Download an example of a Football Agent card's: click here

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