Scouting Report : Khéphren Thuram
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The son of the great Lilian Thuram is certainly the prototype of the modern midfielder able to cover more positions of the midfield line (he can be used both as a low top of a 3-man midfield, but also successfully as a midfielder and a mezzala), and for his style of play can be considered an element that recalls Paul Pogba.

The 2021/22 season can be considered that of his consecration at high levels, which has certainly led him to be followed by the biggest clubs on the European football scene.

From a physical point of view, his important physical structure (1.92cm) allows him to be a useful element in the passive phase, managing to often make the body prevail in situations of transition and rupture of the opponent's game. Despite this, he is also very skilled in the opponent's half field, often being an element also present in the goal area, being able to capitalize on situations and opportunities thanks to the tactical intelligence and ability to read trajectories that often lead him to guess insertions and pockets maximizing the his game, which led him to find the goal 4 times in the 2021/22 season.

One of his strengths is his great ability to progress ball to the foot which allows him to show off all his ability to control the ball at speed combined with a discrete technique that make it a definitely effective element in the construction phase, succeeding to create numerical superiority in the offensive phase. It is not difficult to appreciate these jerks derived from precious ball recoveries in one's own half to throw oneself in these situations ball and chain.

He could certainly improve in the management of the ball especially under pressure and dominate his frenzy, where he has shown some shortcomings, but certainly being still very young he will be able to smooth out these shortcomings in his game. The long levers, certainly favoring him in tight spaces and in protecting the ball, penalize him making him probably more suitable in game situations where a certain type of density in the center of the field is not mainly required, which among other things is accentuated when he tries. to turn around in an attempt to evade the opponent's pressing, a situation that very often led him to lose a few too many balls in dangerous areas of the pitch.

In the context, he has everything to certainly become a prominent element of the international football scene.

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