Scouting Report : Benjamin Sesko
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Benjamin Šeško a 193cm young striker, born and raised in Radece in a region of Slovenia, is a RB Salzburg player that spent a season on loan at Liefering scoring 21 goals in 29 appearances with 6 assists.

Today back at Salzburg, destined to collect the heavy legacy left by Erling Haaland of which he remembers in some movements, is leading the attack with 7 goals and 3 assists in 16 complessive matches. Šeško can be seen as a modern striker, who not only acts in the center of the attack, but also likes to play wide allowing the insertions of teammates and at the same time the Slovenian striker knows how to use his body to shield the ball from defenders thanks to his technique, strength and ball control capable of holding up the ball for teammates to provide them with assists when playing with his back to goal.

In movements Šeško has the ability to know how to attack depth being very smart at his off-the-ball movements; despite his 193cm he is a fast player who, on the open field, turns out to be difficult for any defender to stop. Being a young and determinate striker, Šeško scores most of his goals from the penalty area or on aerial game situations where he proves to be lethal under the net; but he is a player with good ballistic skills, it is no coincidence that he has an average shot of 3/4 shots per game. He is good at playing with both feet and must make more use of this ability to seek more distance shots, an aspect of his game that he can improve much more.

As mentioned, Šeško is a modern striker with a good vision of the game, in fact he often tries to provide passes and crosses to the penalty area or to make through passes for his teammates. With a young age and a very bright future Šeško is a player with great personality, who often takes the initiative, not undergoing any external pressure, not hiding from responsibilities, a very interesting player to-look-out in the near future. 

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