Improve your scouting reports with TSA
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TSA offers you the unique opportunity to save time in the creation of your reports without having to fight with the various templates (made with Word, PDF ...) and increase your chances of success.

How many times have you lost more time for the layout of your reports than for the drafting of the analysis?

With TSA all this has been solved: our system offers you the opportunity to maximize your work, not to miss important ideas that have distinguished the observed footballer, and to be able to archive all the information you want simply by following your working methodology. In fact, The Scouting App does not oblige you to adapt to its features, but you will be the one to make the system adapt to your needs, since you can choose which and how many evaluation attributes to work with without changing your methodology.

TSA also offers you the opportunity to add any type of data to your reports to centralize all the fundamental information about the athlete you are analyzing: do you want to add videos, entire games and sources from the web? No worries TSA lets you do exactly what you want in just a few clicks.

Everything is ready? All you have to do is download your scouting report in PDF and increase your chances of success with us.

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