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Our educational department, the TSA School of Scouting, is happy to announce a new course designed for all those who want to make scouting their profession, or for those who want to obtain a new specialization within their business and improve their background : qualification to the profession of Video Scout.

The objective of the professional Video Scout course is to train the student on the new frontier of talent scout activity: to be able to remotely define and manage one's own business, managing to work easily thanks to the use of professional tools that can allow you to: define a short-medium-long term job based on the objectives assigned to us by our club / agency, use of video software, learn to extrapolate the answers to our questions from data, use tools for creating databases and developing scouting reports, developing a smart work culture that can optimize effort over time.

With the Video Scout course, you will learn how to:

- Manage short-medium-long range work

- Learn the use of tools and software needed in daily work

- Define a weekly / monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / annual scouting work schedule

- Optimize costs and find alternatives to expensive equipment

- Study the methodologies of clubs actively engaged in the work and coordination of remote collaborators

- Planning a scouting season

- Study and ability to read and interpret data

- Develop a database

- Coaching & Networking section: learning how to get an opportunity over time

The remote planning and management of one's tasks and the planning of objectives is essential to optimize our effort in the long term, and for this reason the Video Scout course is also designed for those who have the ambition to obtain important results from managing one's daily work, managing to define a daily routine that can lead to concrete results already in the short-medium term.

Course structure:

The course is divided into 12 lessons of 2 hours each plus 3 tests, plus the final discussion of a project defined in agreement with the tutor (32 total hours).

All lessons are centered on real experiences, with examples that can give you the opportunity to understand how life works in this industry.

Each lesson is individual, held in one to one mode, for a total full immersion and dedicated to your complete and direct learning with us. The schedule of lessons can be tailored to your needs.

Who is this training for:

The course is open to everyone, in any case the management reserves the right to evaluate the candidate's football career.

For the entire duration of the course, the free use of the GEM license of our software The Scouting App is foreseen.

At the end of the course the qualification to the profession of Video Scout will be released.

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