Brenden Aaronson : Scouting Report
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Name: Brenden Aaronson

Position: Left Midfielder / Offensive Midfield


Club: RB Salzsburg

Right Foot

Height: 1.78cm


At just 20 years old, after two seasons in MLS and half at RB Salzsburg, Brenden Aaronson has shown that he is already an excellent player, skilled on a technical, athletic and tactical level. Cold, quick, talented, precise, intelligent and versatile: the boy from New Jersey is undoubtedly one of the best talents that North American soccer has to offer to European football.


Despite the fairly positive past in the USL, he was not initially considered among the best young people in the MLS. Nonetheless, it took Aaronson little to make it clear that he deserved more attention, already scoring his debut goal against Atlanta. From there he won the starting spot on the Union Philadelphia trocar for the rest of the season, which ended with 28 appearances (including 25 from the first minute), 3 goals and 2 assists. In the post-season, she also started both matches played by her team, before being eliminated by Atlanta in the Eastern Conference semifinals.


In Salzburg, in his first 6 months, the American made a major impact. In 26 games in all competitions, he has scored 7 and 5 assists. Furthermore, he has found a club that is among the best in the world at working with young people. From there, in fact, today's football champions came out: Erling Haaland, Sadio Mané, Naby Keita, Dayot Upamecano, just to name the most famous.



Technical and tactical characteristics


Brenden Aaronson is an attacking midfielder, but he can also be used profitably in the midfielder role.

Extremely dynamic and possessing a good basic technique, he has a good pace and knows how to disengage quite well with both feet, even if he is predominantly a right foot.

Skilled in offensive insertions, Aaronson gives his best from the midfield onwards, while not neglecting the defensive phase, which he performs with good generosity, but not always in order.

He is good at first ball control, a quality that allows him to get around his opposite side when he plays with his back to goal.

In possession of a peripheral vision of the game (he knows how to churn out excellent through-passes), he knows how to be decisive even in the assistance phase.

In addition, Brenden has a good kick that allows him to be dangerous from medium to long distance, as well as taking corners.

He frequently disappears and, with great intelligence and cunning, manages to find the right space between the lines, becoming a very difficult player to control for the opponent's back packs.

Physically he needs to further strengthen his slender body structure in order to be more competitive in shoulder-to-shoulder duels.

Temperamentally he does not seem to suffer any external pressure, making the right choices and playing with the calm of a veteran while maintaining a very intense style of play.

Tactically, his role is that of attacking midfielder, but he can also play comfortably in the position of inside of a 3-man midfield.


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