Aurelien Tchouameni : Scouting Report
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Aurelien Tchouameni is a highly rated young defensive midfielder who plays for AS Monaco. He was sensational during his debut season with Monaco last year being one of the key players for the team even as a young player. He did not look out of his depth playing in his first full season of professional play featuring 36 times last year.

Tchouameni is a defense-first defensive midfielder who also possesses great offensive skills. His reading of the game is very high for a player his age and possesses very good defensive qualities. His main core strengths lie in aerial duels and tackling. Using his physicality and height he is able to get up and win aerial duels to win the first ball. That helps obtain possession for the team and take control of the midfield and Tchouameni is able to do that with his aerial prowess. But on the ground, he is an excellent tackler as well as being able to block the ball.


Tackling comes with the technique where he is able to dispossess the opposition with ease. And he’s able to block the ball by reading games and knowing where to be, being at the right place at the right time. This alleviates a lot of pressure to the defensive backline as well as the goalkeeper knowing that Tchouameni will be able to either tackle to dispossess the opposition or block the oncoming shot. And while he does like to tackle, he doesn’t foul often which is a huge bonus. Usually, when a player likes to tackle, they would commit fouls often, but Tchouameni has already mastered the way to tackle efficiently without fouling.

This helped Monaco maintain a great defensive record last season conceding the fourth least in the league with 42 goals conceded. And while the young defensive midfielder possesses great defensive skills that translated to a great defensive record, his offensive skills are highly impressive for his age.


Tchouameni is very composed and skillful on the ball under pressure and in tight spaces. He’s got great feet and is able to dribble his way out of trouble and clear the ball away to a teammate. He likes to dribble out from the back to bring the ball up and start the attacks. While it can be dangerous to play out the back by dribbling his way out, he is very skillful and technical on the ball that he’s able to do it with ease and glide away from the opposition in order to start the counterattack. If he isn’t able to dribble his way out, he’s able to pick out his teammates with a pinpoint pass. And if he isn’t able to pick out his teammates and dribble his way out, he’s clever enough to understand the dangerous situation and is able to get fouled to slow the game down and maintain possession for his team.

His stats may say otherwise that he wasn’t involved as much on the offensive end as his skillset would suggest, but sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story. He finished last year with 2 goals and 4 assists, but he provided many opportunities and created chances for his teammates that were, unfortunately, not converted. If the chances that he’s created were converted, of course, his stats would be better reflected on that as he created 2.18 shot-creating chances per 90 minutes last season.


His style of play is similar to that of Fernandinho with his tackling and reading of the game ability. Fernandinho was a cerebral player who knew exactly where to be to prevent the threat with his tackling ability, but also possessed great dribbling ability to start attacks and dribble his way out of dangers as well. A highly technical defensive midfielder who possessed great offensive skillsets, Tchouameni could turn out to be as great or even greater than Fernandinho at this rate. The only thing that sets Fernandinho apart from the two is that he could shoot from range while Tchouameni has a tendency to pass than shoot at this point in his career. Maybe that’s a tactical thing from the manager or his style of play at the moment, but he has yet to shoot from range on a consistent basis to be a real threat.


Tchouameni has all the tools to become one of the better box-to-box defensive midfielders in football. He already possesses elite defensive skills to go along with his highly impressive offensive skills. If he is to improve his shooting to become more of a threat and become that complete midfielder, he would be unstoppable. He’s already a key player for his club at AS Monaco and it’s only a matter of time he becomes a key player for the France national team if he keeps playing the way he’s playing.

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